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Epoxy basketball court - 285 sqft Еdmonton, SW

In the vibrant community of Edmonton SW, our team had the pleasure of transforming a simple space into a dynamic mini basketball court for kids. This 285 sqft area, once nondescript, now boasts a sleek light grey epoxy base, providing a durable and low-maintenance surface ideal for the high energy of children's play. Our precision is evident in the crisp black lines that outline the court, offering an authentic feel to this miniature sports haven.

We meticulously prepared the surface, ensuring that every square foot of the base was flawlessly even before applying the high-grade epoxy resin. The result is not just a floor but a statement of quality and a testament to our dedication to excellence in epoxy flooring solutions. Completed on time and within the budget of $1,400, this project stands as a symbol of our commitment to bringing professional-grade recreational spaces into the heart of the community.

Our portfolio proudly reflects this project as an example of how we tailor our expertise to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether for leisure or sport, every floor we craft is designed to enhance the space's functionality and aesthetic appeal. This mini basketball court is more than just a flooring project; it's a space where memories are made, where kids can hone their skills and where the joy of the game comes to life.

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Еdmonton, SW
Epoxy basketball
court - 285 sqft

Crafting joy for the next generation, our latest endeavor in Edmonton SW is a bespoke epoxy basketball court that melds resilience with play.

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